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We are Frankly My Dear

A Scandinavian based collective of +150 composers, providing heartfelt curated music for professional filmmakers.

In 2020, Frankly My Dear was founded, in Copenhagen, by film composer Steffen Breum (The Story Of Denmark, The Heirs), and music producer Thomas Bertelsen (Lulu Rouge, TOM And His Computer), to represent a community of composers, artists, musicproducers and sound designers. While each creator is unique, they share the common traits of skill, originality, and character.

We encourage you to crate dig through our carefully curated playlists, where you’ll find all from signature songs to secret gems and dialog friendly underscores.

Once you find what you like, we’re here to help with all components of the synch process, from labeling and licensing, to clearances.

Artist to artist – art to art.

– Steffen & Thomas

Terms of Use

General Terms & Conditions

We’re solely aiming for professional customers, in a business-to business use, meaning this website is not intended for private consumers or non-professional customers. 

We offer free online access to samples of music or demos (together the “Works”) on a trial and promotional basis only before entering into a license agreement for any other kind of utilization of the Works made available on this site.

By giving access to the Works we provide an opportunity to try out the Works for internal test and promotion only. Please note that by downloading the Works, you accept the following terms and conditions on behalf of you, your company or organization as applicable. 

The artist and Frankly My Dear (“FMD”) claim all rights to the content found on this website. The Works we provide are protected under intellectual property rights laws, that must be respected by any user.

Please note that usage of this website in any other way than otherwise provided will violate laws protecting copyrights, or other applicable laws. Infringements may lead to liability for unauthorized use.  

It is prohibited to use these Works for any other purpose than solely as a test to match your ideas, or simply inspiration for your work in progress.

You agree that any use of this content is solely for a stage of research or exploring and for internal promotional purposes only. 

By downloading the Works, you agree that you shall not upload, post, display, publish, alter, remix, edit, re-record, cover or in any other way manipulate the Works or any conduct any similar action regarding the Works. Neither shall you record or reproduce the Works provided on this website.

Any transmission and distribution is strictly forbidden. 

You are not permitted to in any way present this content publicly, or take ownership of it or broadcast, DJ, play or in any way publicly perform the music on our website without permission. Neither will you make use of other material obtained through the website, including designs, illustrations, sounds, and underlying codes.

Any commercial usage of the content on this website is prohibited. When downloading the Works, you guarantee that these rules will be respected, unless a specific arrangement allows it.

Registration when accessing the  Works means accepting the terms of use. You warrant that you will not collect or distribute this music in any way as if it’s your property. 

Your usage of the Works is governed by these terms until you purchase a license for a specific song. 

We reserve our rights to change these terms at any time, for any reason.

You agree to be bound by any modifications of these terms. If you don’t agree with these terms, you must not continue using this website. 

All rights reserved © · Frankly My Dear · [August], 2020

We are building an innovative new website launching on April 15th, 2024. Stay tuned, and see you all soon!


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